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Web Development

Depending on the project, the web development part of a project can be quite simple or it can be very complex. Knowing all of the available technologies and how to best reach your target audience is one of the most important parts of the process. I have dealt with many of the technologies involved with developing web sites that attract visitors and convert them into sales or leads. Please take a look at my web site portfolio for examples of previous work.


My Web Development Tools

There are many tools available to web developers and depending on the project the right combination of applications, servers, databases, etc. can make or break that project’s success. Below some of the tools that I am most familiar with, although I am constantly learning new technologies involving the web.
Adobe PhotoshopAdobe DreamweaverAdobe AcrobatAdobe IllustratorZend StudioNotepad2Apache HTTP Web ServerPHPMySQL DatabasePostgreSQL DatabaseLinux Web ServerRed Hat Linux ServerUbuntu Linux ServerWordPressGIT Version Control

My Development Languages and Syntaxes

There are many languages and syntaxes out there for web development. I am always learning new languages or syntaxes in order to complete a project. Typically the most important thing to understand is web development and the process of a web visit as a whole. Once you understand the process it is usually easy to pick up new technologies, at least at a basic level. Here are some of the languages and syntaxes I am most familiar with.
HTMLCascading StylesheetsJavaScriptPHPXML


Developing a web site to sell your product or service can be a trick thing to do if you have never done it before. Do not risk the endless amounts of missed opportunities by having things like slow page load times, JavaScript errors, SSL certificate problems, etc. contact me whether you need consulting or if you have an eCommerce project in mind.

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Compatibility / Accessiblility

When it’s all said and done, if the site doesn’t run in the visitor’s browser, it doesn’t matter how good it looks in Photoshop. If you are running a small intranet site building your site only testing in the latest release of IE and Firefox you’re probably ok. You can upgrade everybody’s browser and you’re done. If you’re running an E-Commerce web site, depending on your market you may need to go back 2 or 3 versions of as many browsers as possible.
Internet Explorer Firefox ChromeSafariOpera   LCD Screen   iPhoneBlackberry

My Development Methodology

One of the most important thing in building a web site to me is to understand the target audience of the site and then building the site to be as accessible and easy to use as possible. If the audience is broad, such as an in ecommerce, the site needs to be build to display correctly in all of the major browser types and versions. If the site needs to be constantly updated, a back-end can be created that will allow anybody with moderate computer skills to update the site with no knowledge of HTML or web development in general. I also take Search Engine Optimization (SEO) seriously, because if people can’t find the site… they can’t visit it. All sites require a little bit of SEO thought, please see my search engine optimization page for more information on that topic.